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Welcome to Mathbuntu*, where Mathematics and (K/L)ubuntu come together. The goal of Mathbuntu.org is to provide easy access to the best open source mathematics software available, and the best free** textbooks available. Mathbuntu is for learning, doing, and communicating mathematics. The software listed below forms the core of Mathbuntu. These applications put the world of mathematics at your fingertips.
*This is an open source, zero-profit project, so if you are inclined, please
** All of the textbooks are provided at no cost, but some of them are NOT open source. Please read and honor the individual license/copyright information within each text or its companion website. Links to the websites can be found here.
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  • Sage (Mathematics Software System)
  • Maxima (Computer Algebra System)
  • R (Statistical Computing)
  • Octave and Scilab (Numerical Computation)
  • GeoGebra (Interactive Geometry and Algebra)
  • LaTeX (Document Preparation System)
  • Lurch (Word Processor that checks your Math)
  • NetLogo (Time-dependent System Modeling)

Not sure what these applications are for or how to use them? No problem. Click the Information tab above to get a summary. Then get Mathbuntu and read the included documentation.

Just want to learn some math? Mathbuntu includes a number of textbooks. You'll find full textbooks on Abstract Algebra, Foundations, Probability, Real Analysis, and more.